The Wilderness of Wellness
The Wilderness of Wellness
Danielle Hofer

Welcome to The Wilderness of Wellness

A community on a mission to help women live abundantly.

The community for women who want to live their life abundantly, not held back by their body's size or symptoms. 

We get more women re-connected with their body, help them build healthy relationships, healthy habits, and deepen their relationship with Jesus.

We believe in the power of community- being seen, known, valued, all the while doing new and hard things. It helps build confidence for all of life's needs.

Who Should Join

We welcome women who are already crushing their health, wellness, relationships, and spiritual life along with those who want to learn more and build more confidence toward sustainable habits in their lives.

Why You Should Join

1:1 packages are expensive— this is all the best of my 1:1 services with Danielle Hofer and Team CIMC supporting you. 

You are tired of the gimmicks- eating from templates, working out and not seeing the results you want, managing points, the shakes that make you bloat and feel like crap.

You want to continue to learn and not just follow rules.

You want access to a real health care practitioner, not just someone at a desk, a call center, a coach in a box, or a “boss babe.” 

You want to not only look good, but FEEL good, too. 

You realize weight loss may be the first part of your health journey but you desire support after the weight loss. 

You don’t need to lose weight or already have lost weight, but you want to learn how you should eat for YOUR body and YOUR lifestyle for the long term. 

You’re tired of the mental energy wasted trying to figure out what real health looks like for YOU amidst conflicting online advice. 

You want the mental health support that goes along with living a healthy life. 

You need discounted 1:1 rates with your support team. 

You want access to alternative approaches to health and wellness that includes nutritional therapy, homeopathy, mental health, mindset, spiritual health, relational health, and nutrition & fitness. 

You want workouts proven to increase muscle mass, improve cardiovascular and blood sugar balance, and create a better metabolism. 

You want someone who can recommend therapeutic nutrients/supplements to help support you on your wellness journey. 

You want a safe online community off of traditional social media where you can engage and grow.

By joining you can...

Get a group chat with You + Team CIMC for check-ins, questions, personal growth

Be vulnerable and open in a safe space without judgement

Ask for recommendations and advice

Build real-life and virtual relationships with people who have similar world views, priorities, and desires for their lives as you do

Share all your stories, adventures, win, struggles, things holding you back

Connect with others in your local area

Have trusted relationships in your back pocket, taking the burden off of your loved ones for conversations they shouldn't be responsible to hold for you

Be part of a special group of women who want to take back the true meaning of a woman's role in the world and then live purposefully and full of joy with an abundance mindset

Membership Includes...

Monthly educational webinars

Twice monthly mental health group therapy sessions

Weekly accountability meetings

Cellcore Biosciences & other supplement protocol meetings

Workout app + Support meetings

You + Team CIMC chat

Premium courses

Virtual goal setting & other parties

Downloadable guides, resources, recipe packs, etc

Health articles

Discounts to CIMC store, supplements, and other CIMC products

... and so much more!


An open, safe forum to...

ask all your questions, share your joys, get access to everything you might need as a woman seeking freedom from your body's unwanted symptoms or size--including a community of other women just like you who will happily support you in all your pursuits, no matter how big or small. 

How it works:

Join our family below by choosing the subscription that best works for you. You will have access to everything you need right then and there. You'll find your onboarding steps under Membership Support. You'll also receive a welcome email from Team CIMC soon after joining to provide you more support during your time here with us!

About Danielle

I love Jesus.
I am married to a retired USAF veteran.
Homeschooling Mom
I mentor women, men, and couples.
Many of my friendships are maintained via text messages.
Coffee runs through my veins.
I cannot drink water without it spilling.
I have fine lines forming on my face.
I write some articles.
I love the outdoors-- Hiking, fly fishing, kayaking.
To keep from going full-on crazy, I run and lift heavy things.
I strive to live the life I say I believe– Living with Integrity.


NANP Member

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner 

Certified Prenatal Postpartum Coach

GirlsGoneStrong Level-1+

Training Women and their health concerns through the ages

MacroMissionary Level-1 Nutrition Coach

Nutrition Protocol, Obesity Epidemic, Nutrition Counseling

Masters of Education: Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Bachelor of Science: Butler University

Personal fighter of long genetic lines of obesity and obesity related diseases; Hashimotos, codependency, anger, anxiety, and more.

Thank You

Thank you for trusting me and my team here at CIMC. We do not take it lightly that you consider working with us, especially with such vulnerable areas of life.